Delphi Ancient Stadium

One of the best preserved sites of its kind, the ancient stadium in Delphi is located at the highest point of the temple of Apollo, north west of the theater. To get to the entrance, you have to take the uphill trail where you will see the left side of the theater.

Its strong link with the history of the pan-Hellenic Pithia games is evidenced by the fact that it held sporting events. The inscription found in the archaeological excavations on the south wall states that the original configuration was circa 5th century. The construction of the stone benches made from limestone from Parnassos dates back to the 2nd century AD after a donation by Herodes Atticus (Athenian sophist).

The track is 177.55 meters long and 25.50 meters wide, ie, such as that of a Roman stadium. The design of the stadium resembles a hairpin with two parallel bands meeting in a semi circle. The total capacity is estimated to hold 5,000 spectators.

Open all year round
Daily: 08.00-15.00 (last admission: 14.40)
€6, €3 (reduced), Single Ticket (Delphi, Delphi Archaeological Museum): €9, €5 (reduced)