E (formerly known to many representatives of the older generations as Emporiko) is located on Arachova’s main street and is definitely one of the places you should visit during your stay here. Its impressive industrial venue wins over even the most demanding patrons, as it brings together traits of minimal design with local folklore elements. The glass roof adds to its magic, especially when it is snowing. At the same time the window offers a view to the street outside and the cozy sofas invite you to relax as long as you like, making this the most photographed and beloved corner of E.

If you haven’t visited it already, you should know that this popular all day long cafe bar-restaurant has a long history and is the best of the best. Being on top doesn’t mean that it rests on its laurels. Therefore every year it invites you to see what it has in store to surprise you and lift the quality level even higher.

You can visit it from early in the morning to enjoy its hearty breakfast and brunch, as well as later on in the day to try its refurbished restaurant and famous nightlife fun.

The brunch menu, signed by Charalambos Tsotras, gets the best reviews. The French toast (filled with pecan nuts and mascarpone in a caramel banana sauce) is one of the dishes you have to sample and will surely fall in love with. Its variation of eggs benedict with Black Angus scarps cooked in BBQ and hollandaise sauces will tempt you to order it. Pancake lovers will not be able to resist the Blueberry Pancakes with blueberries mixed inside the dough.

Its cuisine can be described as modern creative and focuses on the use of local raw ingredients. The restaurant’s team has an obvious affection for local products and uses them extensively in the preparation of its menu; they handle meat masterfully and approach the risotti and pasta dishes with prowess. The handmade ravioli stuffed with beef jowl meat and king mushrooms in chicken with vegetables consommé, the Wellington lamb fillet glazed with red wine and served with grilled asparagus stand out from the menu. The menu also includes some extraordinary fillets like the Black Angus tomahawk steak and the Black Angus porterhouse steak. 

Each and every night E is the place to be if you want to check out the crowd and state your presence, enjoy clean drinks and cocktails, listen to Greek and foreign mainstream hits, flirt, have a great time and dance until dawn. In other words this is where nightlife fun starts and finishes.

Open winter season only
Daily: 10.00-late
From €30/person (wine not included), €4 (cappuccino), €9 (spirit), €12 (cocktail)
American Express, MasterCard, Visa