Excursion to Pavliani
Excursion to Pavliani

An earthly paradise drenched in wild, lush greenery awaits you, and it's just 75km from Arachova. Pavliani village, which belongs to Fthiotidas, is approximately 50 minutes drive from the cosmopolitan settlement.

The imagery of the alpine landscape that unfolds before your eyes both during winter and summer can only be described as pure magic. What piques the interest of visitors of the village is the war memorial "Greeks and Italians" who depict all those who "fell to their death" in the battle of Pavliani in June 1942, the small park with the natural water source of Assopos, the Museum of Water and Power, the cathedral of Agiou Athanasiou which dates back to 1868, the stone elementary school building, and of course, the enchanting splendour of nature.

Those of you who decide to extend your day trip and stay in the village overnight, look no further than Vasilikia Mountain Farm; a real farm that will have you wishing you could stay forever! Spread over 26 acres between the village and the forest, Vasilikia features wooden cotteges, each with their own design and style, fully furnished and equipped with all the amenities that resemble a Northern American mountain ranch.

For breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and games with friends by the heart-warming wood furnace, or a wander in the rustic stable and barn for authentic moments with nature, a must visit is The Taverna Lodge which is located in the wooden settlement.

The most impressive sights which lie in the public areas of the farm are its organic orchid, rock garden with aromatic plants, its small lake, dam and small wooden bridge, its tree house, its stone tap, and its natural water source which gushes straight out of the top of the National Park.