Food in Arachova-Delphi

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Dasargyris, the oldest taverna in Arachova is located on the main street of the village, just after the Primary School building (on the way to Delphi). This...


To Patriko Mas

To Patriko Mas on the main street in Delphi is one of those places you really should visit during your stay or passing through the famous destination. It...



E (formerly known to many representatives of the older generations as Emporiko) is located on Arachova’s main street and is definitely one of the places you...


Zachos Taverna

Zachos Taverna at Livadi in Parnassos is a classic choice for those who love simple, good food. You will enjoy traditional Greek cuisine, with its famous...


To Kalderimi

This is a hidden secret in Arachova. You will find the Kalderimi traditional tavern just before you go down the steps on the main street, on your left hand...



Located in Livadi, 10 minutes by car from Arachova (4 km), it waits for you from morning till night in an atmosphere that brings to mind European chalets....


O Fournos tou Kefala

O Fournos tou Kefala opened in 1969, on the main street in Arachova, providing visitors with warm, freshly-baked bread. Nowadays, Loukas Kefalas


Kaplanis Tavern

One of the oldest and high-quality taverns in Arachova, Kaplanis tavern is located on Tropaiou Square (known also as Platania Square) and counts more than 30...


Psinete... Psinese?

For a quick and tasty break, make a stop at Psinete... Psinese? grill house on the main street in Arachova, just after the car park in the direction of Delphi.



Roots is housed on a modern minimal place on Arachova’s main street, which oozes cleanliness and tastefulness. To say that it represents the “modern...



Introductions are not necessary for one of the oldest tavernas in Arachova. 'Hidden' behind the church of Agios Giorgios, it is one of the most famous and...



Kalyva is one of the first taverns to open in Livadi (4 km from Arachova) and is an all time classic choice for traditional food. Mrs. Efie (wife of the...


Ta Platania

For the last 25 years, Ta Platania taverna has been serving hot, homemade food, with dishes based on traditional Greek cuisine recipes, at the Eptalofos...


To Fasouli

To Fasouli is located at the entrance to Arachova, on the road toward Livadi and the ski resort. Its strategic location and stunning views allow the eye to...