Formaela (cheese)

If there is a product which characterizes Arachova, then it is Formaela. This traditional semi hard Parnassos cheese is PDO (Product of Designated Origin) is famous throughout Greece. Made from wild sheep or sheep's milk, put in a mold (hessian, which leaves marks on the outer texture), it is cylindrical in shape and usually weighs 500 gr.

It is pale in color and has a slightly salty flavor and is a little milky and spicy. It is the perfect recipe for those who want it grilled with lemon or fried to form a crust. It pairs well with local raki.

You can try it in all the taverns in the village and buy it from Oreon Gefsis (tel. +30 6977 502800) on the main street in Arachova, a few steps from Lakka Square.