About Arachova-Delphi

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Welcome to Arachova

Built at an altitude of 968 meters, Arachova (up to the Revolution in 1821 it was called Rachova), is a small mountain town in the Viotia prefecture located...


Welcome to Delphi

With strong historical background and world-wide reputation, Delphi welcome you to their beautiful natural landscape just before the olive grove of Amfissa,...


Useful & Emergency

Bear in mind the following useful telephone numbers during your stay in this European city.



To get around the area without your own transport there are taxis which can take you to the Parnassos Ski Resort, Livadi and Delphi.

Getting there

Arachova is 170 km from the center of Athens. The journey time to the winter resort takes about 2 hours. To reach there in your own car or a rental car, take...


National Holidays

Here is a list of national holidays in Greece, when almost everything (public services, shops, etc.) is closed.


Press Stand

If you wish to buy newspapers or magazines, there is a press agency in the small square next to the Eurobank ATM, just before the central Lakka Square...



Arachova is served by branches of banks at key points. Alpha Bank, Piraeus Bank, Eurobank (only ATM) and the National Bank are here to serve you in this...