Mountain in Arachova-Delphi

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Parnassos Ski Resort

The one thing that is 100% characteristic of Arachova is the Parnassos Ski Resort, just 45 km from the picturesque village.


Pappos-Baldoumis Ski School

Pappos-Baldoumis Ski School in Arachova is the biggest ski school in Greece. In order for skiing to spread and develop more widely, this ski school, open...


Minas Kokkoris Fashion Code

This year Minas Kokkoris Fashion Code store, in cooperation with Kokkoris Optics, welcomes you renovated in unique style that brings to mind those Alpine...



The first ski store to open in Arachova was Pappos-Baldoumis, which now bears the name SnowRepublic and is found in a new ultramodern space at the entrance...