O Fournos tou Kefala
O Fournos tou Kefala
O Fournos tou Kefala

O Fournos tou Kefala opened in 1969, on the main street in Arachova, providing visitors with warm, freshly-baked bread.

Nowadays, Loukas Kefalas –second generation of owners– is in charge, combing tradition with modern bakery trends, preserving the old recipe of success of the first wheaten, Arachova rustic bread, made by great grandmother Panagiou.

In the showcases and on the shelves you will find various bakery goodies, many types of bread (with low glycemic index, ideal for your new eating habits, wholegrain, wholewheat, but also the classic Arachova rustic bread) rusks, and cookies, all made on the premises, as well as pastries.

The cheese bread, cheese pies with homemade filo pastry and the pitalia (bread dough with olive oil), in two versions, with cheese or molasses, stand out.

Open all year round
Wednesday-Monday: 07.00-19.00 (winter), 07.00-16.00 (summer)
€1,50 (cheese pie, cheese bread), €1,80 (loaf of bread)