Panigiraki (fete) is one of the 100 events worldwide you have to attend at least once in your life. It is a three day celebration that takes place in Arachova each spring and is dedicated to the patron saint of the picturesque village, Saint George. Panigiraki simultaneously honors the vistorious Battle of Arachova against the Turks on 11.24.1826 and the memory of Georgios Karaiskakis.

A series of events and activities are organized by local authorities to convert Arachova into the ultimate travel destination, even when the snow has melted. Visitors to the village can experience and practice customs, whose roots have been lost over the years. Some of those are the dance of the elders (locals dress in traditional costumes), the uphill men run (young and old men appear on the Karaiskakis battlefield in local attire), the "Spoil of the Fair", an authentic feast in Arachova in the churchyard of St. George with food, drink and traditional music etc.

Note that the patron's Saint George church along with the enclosure and the chapel of St. Spyridon was declared a listed historical monument by the Ministry of Culture in 2000.