Shopping & Beauty in Arachova-Delphi

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The first ski store to open in Arachova was Pappos-Baldoumis, which now bears the name SnowRepublic and is found in a new ultramodern space at the entrance...



Introductions are not necessary for the most stylish boutique in Arachova, just a few steps from the central Lakka Square. Lousso's fancy, yet unpretentious,...


Minas Kokkoris Fashion Code

This year Minas Kokkoris Fashion Code store, in cooperation with Kokkoris Optics, welcomes you renovated in unique style that brings to mind those Alpine...


Lousso M & W

The best stop for shopping, especially for men, but also for women who want to bring out their personality through their outfits. Lousso M & W, is...



Innovative concept store in the central street of Arachova, overflowing with inspiration and bearing the signature of the ever restless Pery Manta, who is...


Arachova Main Street

You walk up and down it. You will not even know how many times. This is where your walk starts, after the entrance to the village and past the Bridge and the...

Outside Arachova

Parnass Ski Center

Parnass Ski Center is located in the 15th km of the Livadia-Arachova National Road. This family business operates since 1978 and attracts all winter sports...


Oreon Gefsis

A delicatessen-grocery shop with traditional Arachova cheese and selected products from all over Greece. Oreon Gefsis is located on the main street of this...


Aegli Spa

Your journey into the world of rejuvenation and relaxation begins in the spa of the 5* Aegli Resort & Spa at the entrance to Arachova and Delphi.



Last years ago O,…tea…pineis moved to its new premises, at the central Lakka square and until today it attracts tea lovers and many more. From the pun in...


White Story

White Story is an interesting new entry for shopping, located in the entrance of the village, right after the trademark Clock. It will attract your attention...


Ontas Guesthouse Spa

The atmospheric Ontas Guesthouse, at the village entrance, will take you to a world of ultimate relaxation with the spa services offered to guests and...


Gennima Gis Pasta

Pasta is one of the most famous local products of Arachova. The frumenty and rustic noodles are prepared with the freshest eggs and milk and strong Greek...



Textiles is one of the most characteristic local products of Arachova and it has told its story through the passing of time. The women in the village began...



At Amelie, the charming shop owned by Georgia Xharitou, on the main street in Arachova, right where you start your stroll through the village, you will find...


Cooperative of Formaela Producers

Look for the Cooperative of formaela Producers located at the entrance to the village (from Athens), on your right hand side, just after Express Service.