To Patriko Mas
To Patriko Mas
To Patriko Mas
To Patriko Mas
To Patriko Mas

To Patriko Mas on the main street in Delphi is one of those places you really should visit during your stay or passing through the famous destination. It opened in July 2006 an stands out for its quality traditional Greek cuisine made from fresh ingredients.

It is worth mentioning that anything you order here is homemade and freshly cooked. The dishes that stand out are the juicy meats made to order, (veal steak, lamb chops, beef steak etc.) and the casserole dishes which alternate on a weekly basis. The rabbit with red sauce and fresh spring onions is a specialty, but we recommend you also try the local rooster with hilopites (traditional egg pasta) or “exohiko” lamp stew on baking paper.

The menu includes a large variety of appetizers, of which the feta parcels with honey and sesame seeds served with tomato marmalade, formaela, the tiropitari (kind of fried cheese bread) and the fried pork fillet stand out. There is also pasta (the shrimp pasta is a top choice) and risotto (the “troufato” with mushrooms and truffle oil will entice you) as well as fresh salads (in particular the Patriko or the prasinomelia salads will have you licking your fingers).

The local bulk wine will be the ideal accompaniment for your lunch or dinner. To conclude your meal properly, you should order one of its tempting sweet desserts (cake and tiramisu).

The panoramic view of the the Korinthian Gulf and the Amfissa olive groves are strong assets.

Open all year round
Monday-Friday: 12.30-23.00, Saturday-Sunday: 12.00-00.00 (November-March), Daily: 12.00-00.00 (April-October)
From €15-20/person (including a glass of wine)
MasterCard, Visa