Trip to Aspra Spitia

This settlement was created in 1963 by the French company Pechiney after the opening of the Aluminum of Greece factory in the region, away from the populated areas in the Viotia prefecture. Since then, Aspra Spitia (old Distomo beach) have emerged as the ideal choice for a relaxing short break from the bustling Parnassos ski resort (25 km from Arachova).

It owes its name (in Greek it means White Houses) to the former name nearby Antikira and was created to house the families of the employees in the neighboring factory. It lives up to its name and the all white houses of the village will remind you of a Cycladic island with small, picturesque gardens and flowers. The houses are lined up next to each other along the coastal road allowing your gaze to get lost and rest from the mountainous images that it was used to. Along the beach you will find the favorite haunts of the locals for coffee and good food.