Trip to Distomo

Distomo sits at an altitude of 450 meters and is located 9 km from Distomo beach, blending harmoniously mountains and sea. This historic site is worth visiting, especially if you are heading to the Osios Loukas Monastery, Delphi or Arachova. However, it does deserve time to get to know it better.

It has strong folklore and is famous for its brilliant events including the anniversary of the massacre, the feast of St. Nicholas, the carnival and the annual wine festival in late summer.

Although its tourist infrastructure is in the early stages, the residents are ready to embrace you and welcome you to their village. The Kanales hill with the Mausoleum of the 10 June 1944 massacre, the museum collection, the Museum of Nazi Victims (housed in the old Distomo Primary School) and the Acropolis Amvrossou are strong reference points. It is located approximately 13 km from Arachova.