Trip to Elateia

Elateia is 42 km from Arachova (about 50 minutes by car) and is the seat of the Fthiotida prefecture municipality bearing the same name, which is located in the eastern part of the Kifissos valley. According to Pausanias,it owes its name to the mythical King Elatos, son of the mythological hero Arcadas, who gave his name to Arcadia.

It is characterized by its red tiled roof houses, the square with traditional cafes and the pedestrian street which is ideal for leisurely strolls. It is really worth visiting the renovated old Elateia elementary school, a 1920s building, which hosts the Archaeological Collection, the archaeological site of Elateia, the Square of Agios Dimitrios, the Virgin Mary park, the church of Agios Athanasios and the Profitis Ilias Monastery in Zeli.

Not far away you can visit the meadow of the Elateia Mycenean cemetery and the Temple of Krinaia Athinas in the Tsouka region.