Trip to Tithorea

The history of this village in Fthiotida, located on the east side of Mount Parnassos about 40 km from Arachova takes you back in time to 2000 BC, when Herodotus claimed that Tithorea was the peak of Parnassos.

Due to its proximity to the Parnassos ski resort, Tithorea (known as Velitsa up until 1926) has experienced rapid growth in tourism in recent years. It stands out for its preservation and even to this day, the ancient wall that surrounded the city and the ancient ruins of Tirothea are found scattered among the houses in the village.

Among the most important sights are the beautiful forest in the southern part of the village, the Odysseas Androtsos caves, 3 km from Tithorea and the Kahala Gorge in the eastern part of the village. Tithorea is also the birthplace of the founder of Greek cinema, Filopimenas Finos (founder of the famous Finos Film).