Welcome to Delphi

Welcome to Delphi

With strong historical background and world-wide reputation, Delphi welcome you to their beautiful natural landscape just before the olive grove of Amfissa, within a 12 km distance from Arachova. The town, which is widely known as "Navel of the Earth", is a popular tourist destination, particularly for the die-hard fans of history.

The protagonist here without a doubt is the famous oracle of Delphi, a religious and cultural centre of antiquity, which flourished between the 6th and 4th centuries BC. The oracles of Pithia were an attraction for the visitors of the sanctuary, which came from all over the world in order to listen to the oracles, expressed in the form of tales, by the priests of the Temple of Apollo.

Apart from the archaeological site on which stand out the Gymnasium, the Theatre, the Stadium, the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia, the Kastalia Spring, the Temple of Apollo and the Iera Odos (the Sacred Road), the archaeological museum, one of the most important ones in Greece, plays an important role in your acquaintance with the history of Delphi.

A reference point for life in the modern city is the central Pavlou and Friderikis Street, around which traditional taverns, cafes and selected choices in hotels are gathered.

A trip to Delphi ideally combines history with culture and is perfect for all those who want to relax in a beautiful environment, since it offers a wide range of experiences.