Gennima Gis Pasta
Gennima Gis Pasta

Pasta is one of the most famous local products of Arachova. The frumenty and rustic noodles are prepared with the freshest eggs and milk and strong Greek wheat following old local recipes, and have become extremely popular.

Before you leave the cosmopolitan resort, buy some pasta from Gennima Gis. Takis Vasilias, the owner, supervises the production process in the factory and everything is prepared by hand.

You can find 4 types of noodles here: regular (lasagne type) in two sizes, small noodles (cut) and whole grain. The frumenty is made in 3 different ways: sweet or sour with semolina, flour and milk and bulgur wheat (cracked wheat) and sheep's milk. Lastly, the factory makes orzo, a predominantly traditional product.

Look for Gennima Gis products with the Arachova Clock trademark label in all the shops selling local products. The factory is located in Steiri, 20 km from Arachova.

Open all year round