2 days in Athens for singles
2 days in Athens for singles

2 days in Athens for singles

Are you single and planning to visit Athens? Then, the Greek capital is an ideal destination for solo trips as it offers a plethora of choices to make the most of your independence and freedom as well as make some new acquaintances. Indulge in the pulse of a city that respects its past, while at the same time enjoys its present. So, what can you do to have an unforgettable getaway in Athens with two days at your disposal?


Day 1

Start your day early on, with a visit to the Acropolis, the city’s landmark, and the impressive Acropolis Museum (bear in mind that you’ll need about 2 hours minimum). Take a stroll in the beautiful Dionysiou Areopagitou Pedestrian Street and the Ancient Agora. Wander through the alleys of the picturesque Plaka, visit Monastiraki with its flea market and spend some time admiring the vivid neighbourhood of Psiri.

You can make a stop at the ever-crowded Dioskouroi for coffee or ouzo with nibbles or Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani to taste delicious traditional flavours. In the afternoon, go to Kolonaki for shopping and relaxing drinks (Chez Michel and Dharma are two good choices) or visit one of the downtown wine bars, like Warehouse in Exarchia. For dinner, you can choose any of the splendid terraces overlooking the Acropolis, like Kuzina in Thissio or City Zen in Monastiraki. 

Brettos Bar in Plaka is an all-time classic choice for drinks before surrendering to the vibrant nightlife of the city centre (Gazi, Monastiraki, Karitsi Square) and rounding off your nightlife experience at the “bouzoukia” on Iera Odos Street.


Day 2

Pull yourself together from the hangover of the previous day by drinking your coffee overlooking the Saronic Gulf at Flisvos Marina. Continue your day by taking the tram to Glyfada, the coastal suburb of southern Athens that offers countless "summer" moments throughout the year. Young people fill the main streets all day long for coffee, shopping, lunch or just walks.

You can enjoy lunch here in one of the various eateries in the area (e.g. Vincenzo, ARK, Mezze Glyfada) or go to Mikrolimano for fresh fish.

Your second day closes ideally at Cartéλ in Mikrolimano with dancing and new acquaintances or at Balux The House Project in Glyfada enjoying a cocktail, and, of course, the view of the sea.