Athens Clue

This new, interactive super fun game and has become a favorite must do for Athenians, as well as others. It is ideal for groups of friends, families and people who like mind games! Athens Clue was placed on the Athens tourist map in December 2013 and was a hit from day one!

What exactly is Athens Clue? Well, it is a team game in which players are invited to solve puzzles and escape the (theme) room they have chosen. There are four rooms so far. The first is called ''John Monroe'' is concerned with the murder of a detective. The second room is called ''Taken'' ad is to do with the kidnapping of two children. The third, ''Lost Statues of Knossos'', and concerns a case of lost antiquities and the fourth, ''Lev Pasted Laboratory'', is about a ''mystery doctor.

The aim for each team is to go into the room and, within a specified time (50-60 seconds), solve the mystery using tools and intelligence and then escape from the room. 3-5 players can play in each room. Athens Clue costs from €10/person depending on the number of players and peak times.

Enjoy it!

Evangelismos (Blue Line)
Open all year round
Wednesday-Friday: 15.30-23.00, Saturday-Sunday: 11.30-23.30