Athens Science Festival (April)
Athens Science Festival (April)
Athens Science Festival (April)

Athens Science Festival returns for the fifth consecutive year with a program beyond... limitations, full of new ideas and creativity. As an educative and cultural landmark that has enthused the audience of Athens and the whole of Greece with Science, Technology and Innovation, this coming April Athens Science Festival 2018 aspires to present the most exciting, attractive and creative scientific advancements free of limitations, prejudice and political conventions to people of all ages.

From the 24th to the 29th of April, at Technopolis City of Athens, a diverse program with a rich set of exhibitions, presentations, workshops, screenings and discussions- speeches by prominent Greek and foreign scientists, will give visitors the opportunity to engage with and celebrate the liberating power of science. With this year’s motto "Science without Borders" we will all indulge into how scientific discoveries can go beyond geographic, cognitive and conceptual boundaries and create new perspectives and new ways of exploring the human intellect.

Join Athens Science Festival 2018 to discover a world free of boundaries, stereotypes and conventions.

The Athens Science Festival is organized by the educational non-profit organization in Science Communication, SciCo, the British Council, Technopolis City of Athens, the Onassis Foundation Scholars' Association and the General Secretariat for Research and Technology. It is launched in collaboration with academic, research and educational institutions.

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