Attractions in North Suburbs, Athens

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OTE Telecommunications Museum

Man’s telecommunications inventions in his effort to overcome the barriers of space and time, from antiquity to today, compose the collection of OTE Group...



Just 10 km from the center, the most aristocratic district in the city welcomes you with modern fairy-tale scenery.


Goulandris Natural History Museum-Gaia Centre

The Goulandris Natural History Museum was founded in 1965 by Angelos and Niki Goulandris in order to promote interest in Natural Sciences and is housed in an...



Halandri is a continuously and rapidly developing suburb in the northeastern of Athens. Apart from its commercial centre and well-maintained pedestrian...


Athens Olympic Sports Centre (OAKA)

You have to pay visit to the Olympic Athletic Centre Spiros Louis at Marousi, if you want to get a taste of the Olympic Games.