“Your bar, our people” is the motto of this all-day hangout on the main pedestrian street of Acharnes, which was set up in such a way that it can rise to the occasion of even at the most bustling squares in the city centre. Bartist adopts the philosophy of famous hangouts in major European metropolises and has been created with a philosophy revolving on specialization on two core areas: coffee and cocktails.

Undisputedly, Bartist stands out for its fully updated and quite enviable bar, which consists of more than 150 labels from every spirit category. Indeed, its list is divided according to spirits, with each of these including rare and specialized options that will impress you.

Its cocktail list consists of signature proposals, which has been created by the experienced team of bartenders of Bartist. The Aromatic Dark (rum, brandy, lime juice, bitter almonds, old fashioned bitter, Gomme syrup) and the Cinammon Honey (tequila, mandarin, honey, cinnamon) stand out and are included in the favourites of its patrons.

Bartist never stops specializing on coffee as it is one of its basic functions. Its barristas are highly specialized and trained by SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe), while the cooperation with Taresso Artisan Coffee Roasters gives them the opportunity to create a speciality blend (from a coffee blend from Brazil, Colombia and El Salvador), which is found exclusively at Bartist. Aromas of nuts, chocolate and toffee and a subtle acidity are some of its basic flavour characteristics. This particular coffee blend can also be bought for home use.

Finally, approximately every two weeks you can also order a different single-variety coffee, which will “travel” you to different parts of the world with its aromas and give you the chance to taste coffee blend varieties that otherwise you would never have tasted.

Designed by the successful team of 9 Nine Design, Bartist’s space is moving in simple, industrial lines with wood and warm colours as its key features that comply perfectly with the overall concept. Opt for the tables on the first floor for more private, quiet and relaxing moments. Here, you will also find board games to pleasantly spend your time with your friends.

Open all year round
Daily: 09.00-03.00
€3 (cappuccino), from €6 (spirit)