Berliner borrowed its name from a traditional German cake and has become our favourite word ever since it opened in the middle of June. It welcomes us all day long in Neo Irakleio, making us include it into our daily habits. 

Uniquely combining different delicacies (sweet and savoury), its menu is original, imaginative and stands out for its eccentric, but very interesting proposals. From 11.00, when it opens, it serves coffee, sweet of the day (usually you will find the delicious cheesecake with peanut butter and Nutella) and milkshakes in classic flavours (the more adventurous ones can add two fluffy donuts). This goes on until 20.00, while from noon onwards the torch is passed to burgers (in various original versions) and potatoes, which star on the menu.  

Do your best, then, and try not to order the entire menu. The fries are cut into chips and are available in three versions: classic, cheddar bacon with coleslaw and sour cream or with chopped sausage, two fried eggs, feta cheese and spicy tomato sauce.

The burgers are kneaded daily in the kitchen of Berliner to come on your plate more juicy, fresh and delicious than ever. The Purkhub (burger wrapped in bacon, extra bacon, cheddar, bacon jam and a secret homemade sauce) is Marina’s favourite (owner of Berliner), the Cheeseburger (burger, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise) is still a classic value, while the Waffler (it owes its name to the combination of waffle with burger) is served with beef or breaded chicken (two breaded chicken, cheddar sauce, bacon, fried egg) in a "bun" from a square waffle with maple syrup poured over it making all the difference as it is one of the most original menu proposals. 

The most irresistible suggestions include the Choco Burger (two-donut bun, mosaic cake in the middle and white chocolate sauce) for strong "players" and sweets lovers!

Open all year round
Daily: 11.00-01.00
From €6.80 (burger), from €3 (fries)
MasterCard, Visa