By the Glass
By the Glass

Turning Filellinon Street by the Russian church, in the impressive Ralli arcade, you will find By the glass. It is a one-of-a-kind wine bar-bistro, which is housed in a historic arcade downtown. In this small, “secret” urban arcade, the history of wine unfolds before your eyes with wine bottles, food, regular customers, and music being the stars.

The cozy, warm and simple decor, the attention paid to the raw ingredients used, the design of the interior premises and the music are just a few of the elements that characterize this haven for wine enthusiasts and those who love fine quality delights.

During summertime By the Glass sets tables in the tranquil Rallou Manou Square, one of the most enticing urban open air spots, just behind the Russian church.

Equipped with the unique open bottle dispensers, By the Glass ensures that you'll always enjoy your wine in the most ideal conditions. With this system, not only is the opened bottle maintained at the right temperature, it also has a continuous supply of nitrogen, which protects the wine from oxidation for a long time, assisting in the maintenance of freshness as if the bottle had just been opened.

It is also worth noting that the innovative Coravin device, which allows you to pour your favourite wine by the glass, without pulling the cork, gives you access to great wines and rare vintages.

The music moves to the sounds of lounge and jazz rhythms, without missing out on any fun. In its elegant premises you can have your morning coffee and continue with a lunch that will include either the daily special or Mediterranean and Greek cuisine dishes, which pair perfectly with the wine of your choice.

By the Glass is a landmark for the world of wine, as its cellar houses about 500 bottles, originating mainly from Greek vineyards. Two hundred labels are also offered by the glass and half of them come from vintage crops of the Greek and the international vineyard.

Here, you can order the wine of your choice in various quantities (75 ml and 150 ml) and if you're feeling peckish, accompany it with delicious bruschetti or any of the other cold and hot dishes on the menu that tickle your fancy.

Here, food and wine pairing is done with art and passion by the sommelier, who will help you choose and combine the perfect accompaniment of wine with your food.

Syntagma Stop
Syntagma (Blue Line)
Open all year round
Monday-Friday: 10.00-late, Saturday-Sunday: 11.00-late
From €3 (75 ml glass of wine), from €5 (150 ml glass of wine)
MasterCard, Visa