Chakras Core Therapy Spa
Chakras Core Therapy Spa

Chakras Core Therapy Spa is a special place in the heart of Voula, on Vassileos Pavlou street, that provides an excellent range of treatments, body and face therapies.

This luxurious massage venue is characterized by the wide variety of exclusive body and face treatments it offers. The rejuvenating music, the fragrances and the specially designed lighting create the perfect environment for a relaxing and serene experience using Eastern rituals and practices.  

All therapies aim to satisfy each client’s individual needs. For the personalized massage sessions and beauty treatments they use 100% natural organic products and essential oils to achieve a holistic approach for the client’s rejuvenation.  

Chakras Core Therapy Spa is a pinnacle of high quality services and reliability for hundreds of consumers and specializes in implementing different kinds of massage treatments, as well as body and face therapies.

It offers high end services in logical and very affordable prices for their quality. A fact that has a positive influence in raising the demand for amenities and products by both Greeks and foreigners.   

Everyone visiting Chakras Core Therapy Spa enjoys green tea flavoured with flowers and herbs’ essences, the use of showers (if they wish), slippers and towels.

The provided services include: massage (express, ritual, massage practices, dynamic therapies), therapies using natural products, body therapies, trilogy of therapies, special packages, face therapies and beauty treatments. They also offer specialized services, such as Gentleman's Spa, Bachelor Day Spa και Kid's Spa Day Parties.

Open all year round
Monday-Friday: 10.30-20.00, Saturday: 09.30-17.00
€30 (aroma therapy), €40 (shiatsu), €45 (Swedish massage), €50 (sports massage)
American Express, Diners, MasterCard, Visa