Culpa Deli
Culpa Deli

A paradise of fine food with flavours from around the world awaits you at Culpa Deli in Neo Psychiko

The emphasis is placed mainly on quality, so whatever you choose from its showcases and shelves is truly prime. The wide range of cheeses (Gruyere cheese, feta, mozzarella, parmesan, Roquefort, etc.) and the abundance in cold cuts (of which the pastrami, prosciutto, koulatelo, speck etc. stand out) are some of its assets. 

Among other things, at Culpa Deli you will find a wide variety of truffles, as well as foie gras, pâté, hand sliced Scottish salmon, roe, smoked swordfish and tuna, Fiorentina steak and rib eye, organic products as well as gluten and sugar free products, bread, handmade pasta, spices from around the world, Greek salads and Italian ice cream.

The pleasant surprises include also the fact that here you can enjoy the flavour of your choice accompanied by wine, spirit or any other beverage. So, for a small, short and highly enjoyable meal "on the go", choose any of the fresh sandwiches with cold cuts and cheeses that are sliced at the time of the order, any sausage and cheese platter or a cold dish always accompanied by the beverage of your choice.

Special mention, indeed, are worth the up-to-date range of Greek wines, the even greater variety of choices from the Italian vineyards, as well as the proposals from the Spanish and the French vineyards. The fact that at Culpa Deli you will find various alcoholic beverages as well as some traditional Italian ones, such as grappa, limoncello, etc. is a plus.

Open all year round
Monday, Wednesday: 09.00-18.00, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 09.00-21.00, Saturday: 09.00-19.00
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