Despina Miraraki
Despina Miraraki

Both stores of Mrs. Despina Miraraki in Maroussi and Glyfada are one of a kind and specialize exclusively in the market, promotion and sale of handmade rugs

The company that is interwoven with the owner’s unique temperament counts 25 years of presence in the field and serves more than 10,000 customers each year, while they visit various cities in Greece and Cyprus organising exhibitions annually with great success. For more than 28 years, in fact, the company's products are showing in television programs as well. 

Trust the expert and choose the perfect carpet for your professional or private space. The options are countless among imported rugs from every country of the East (Persia, China, India, Pakistan) which are personally selected by Mrs. Miraraki herself with great care and taste. 

With incredibly modern as well as timeless classic handmade carpets in a variety of designs and a wide colour palette, Despina Miraraki stores could easily be described as the "temple" of carpets. 


Open all year round
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