Two Days in Delphi & Meteora
Two Days in Delphi & Meteora

Two Days in Delphi & Meteora

The first day you will get on board a luxury bus that will take you to Delphi. You will arrive there at noon and your expert guide will show you around the magnificent archaeological site and the local museum with the truly splendid exhibits. After lunch you will get back up on the bus and depart for Kalambaka, where you will stay overnight.

Next morning you will be taken to the nearby astounding rocks of Meteora. During the Byzantine and the early Ottoman rule era, a number of monasteries were build on top of those volcanic rocks, which today are included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Monument list. You will be visiting two of those monasteries and enjoy the panoramic views, as well as find out more about how they came to be.

On your way back to Athens, you will stop at Thermopylae, the spot of the renowned battle between the 300 brave Spartan warriors of king Leonidas and the invading Persian army of king Xerxes.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 08.30
€182/adults, €91/children
MasterCard, Visa
Open all year round