Excursion to Elefsina

Excursion to Elefsina

Your visit to Athens can be perfectly combined with a trip to the historic Elefsina, which has now been developed into a modern town.

Just 20 km from Athens, you can get here easily by car (especially via Attiki Odos). The city is known worldwide for its cultural and historic heritage, as the sanctuary of Elefsina was one of the most important religious centers of the ancient world from the Mycenaean Age to the end of the 4th century AD. People came here to worship Demeter, the goddess of nature and grain, who taught the Elefsinians how to cultivate the land, as well as the sacred ceremonies, which demanded absolute secrecy (Elefsinian Mysteries).

Entering the archaeological site, you will see the Roman Court, which is home to the temple of Artemis Propylaea, Esharsa, the Roman fountain and the two Triumphal Arcs. You will then see the Sanctuary of Demeter from the Great Propylaea, beside which lies the Kallichoron Frear. Finally, your attention will be attracted drawn to the Little Propylaea and the Telesterio. Do not forget to visit the Archaeological Museum of Elefsina (entrance: € 3).

During your visit here, discover the modern side of the town! Cool cafe bars and restaurants offer a beautiful escape. For your stay the best choice is the 4* Elefsina Hotel, which is renowned for its value for money philosophy and unique services.
Tuesday-Sunday: 08.00-15.00 (museum)