National Museum of Contemporary Art
National Museum of Contemporary Art
National Museum of Contemporary Art
National Museum of Contemporary Art

The National Museum of Contemporary Art was added to the cultural map of Athens in 2000, giving it a fresh upgrade. It was a welcome addition and fulfilled a niche in Athens' gap for a contemporary art museum.

The museum's exhibitions and services are housed in the former and long-deserted Fix Brewery, a remarkable industrial building in the centre of Athens, created by architect Takis Zenetos, which underwent a full renovation in 2015.

During your visit you'll have the opportunity to admire collections based on Greek and international sources, from paintings, designs, sculptures, installations, video-installation, sound and internet projects of top artists by the likes of Kostas Tsoklis, Steven Antonakos, Bill Viola and many others. Periodical exhibitions and interesting educational programmes contribute even more so to the audience’s connection to contemporary art.

Feel free to browse the great collection of posters, cards, pieces and other ideas which combine art and travel memorobilia, in the museum's art store. The National museum of Contemporary Art is famous for its editions, which you can find in bookstores Ianos (Athens and Thessaloniki), Politeia, Lemoni, Mikros Korais, at the Benaki Museum’s shop and at the bookstore of the National Bank Cultural Foundation (Athens and Thessaloniki).



Tuesday-Sunday: 11.00-19.00, Thursday: 11.00-22.00
€3, €1.50 (reduced), €3 (European youth card, for two exhibitions), €1.50 (European youth card for one exhibition)