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Game Over Escape Rooms awaits you in Nea Smyrni to test your limits and escape with your friends before time runs out. It is an interactive, highly fascinating game that puts you in different roles depending on the scenario, excites all your instincts and awakes your imagination and mind.

You and your friends are trapped into a room full of riddles, hidden objects, and old stories, trying to solve the mystery, unlock the door and escape within an hour! Every clue is crucial; every riddle has its key! Get locked, search, join forces with your team, and escape!

Come and play with your friends, family or colleagues and live this unique fun experience, to win your freedom. The door locks behind you. Can you escape in one hour? 



Congratulations! You saved your life by killing the ferocious Minotaur, but that wasn’t the hardest challenge. The adventure continues. Now, you have one hour to find your way out of the labyrinth before King Minos arrives with his soldiers. Will you make it?


Rumours and Legends led you here! The calendars of those who tried before you stop here, remember? From Salah ed Din’s Citadel they moved into the desert to an outpost tower, where the legend says that the last founder of the Templar Knights Order disappeared! No one returned to confirm the stories. When it’s moonlight, the desert caravans see lights from a mile away and they call the tower haunted, but the old people still believe that the knight Templar was a Demon and he’s still alive!



The time for the big heist is coming! Access to the Super Private Area of the Casino is secured. For weeks you’ve been planning and testing every detailed move of the team. Your experience counts but here we are talking about unlimited amounts of money so your improvising skills are crucial! To enter a place like this is really difficult. To plan such a heist and get out without being caught is impossible, they say… 


You were operating in North Korea behind enemy lines. Something went very wrong and your team lost contact with the unit and you were captured by enemy forces. Now you are a Prisoner of War! Use your SERE (survival, evasion, resistance, escape) skills to find a way back into the jungle and back into action.

Open all year round
Monday- Friday: 14.00- 23.00, Saturday- Sunday: 11.00- 23.30
From €10/person (group of 6 people)