Most of you would probably attribute its name to ginger, the plant with the spicy aroma and peppery flavour. However, this is partially correct. The most talked of all day bar in the area of Halandri, is spicy not only for this reason. The owners were inspired its name both from ginger and the sexy pin up girl of the 1930s, which is the hallmark of the bar.

With wood, metal and cement being dominant, clear industrial influences and artistic creations, Ginger doesn't pass unnoticed in any way –the bar stools don't have legs but are attached to the bar with metal arms, while the light fixture-sculpture of the sexy half-naked redheaded woman (bar logo) attracts all the looks.

Placing particular emphasis on the quality of coffee and beverages, it is divided into two different areas. In the lower coffee buffet there is a very intimate atmosphere with the bartender preparing the coffee of your choice – overall Ginger features 14 single variety coffees, with a choice between 2 varieties on a daily basis, 1 arabica and 1 robusta – or any of the (admittedly inspired) coffee cocktails.

Lambros Tsouklidis and Dimitris Kiriakidis are behind its bar, who have curated the cocktail list, with 8 signature cocktails and unlimited options in classics. The best sellers include the Barbarossa (spicy rum, blackberry, raspberry, cranberry, lime and banana), Ginger Babe (rum, pineapple, ginger, lime and Amaro liqueur), and Ramasca (vodka, chamomile, apple, lemon and spices).

The owners of Ginger have focused on its kitchen as well, which features tasty suggestions in hearty portions for any time of the day. Pizza, burgers, salads and tortillas will certainly tempt you.

Open all year round
Daily: from 10.00
€3.20 (cappuccino), €7 (drink), from €8 (cocktail)