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The history of Athens 3D interactive show
The history of Athens 3D interactive show

“The history of Athens” is an exciting 3D interactive show in English for both young and old audiences.

The educational organization Photogramma, boasting 10 years of expertise and experience in interactive cinema, boosted by the increasing flow of visitors in Athens and especially their interest in knowing more about the city’s cultural heritage, created an entertaining interactive show that aims to take audiences of all ages in an experiential journey to Athens’ rich history from ancient times until today.

Thus, it offers all members of the audience special wireless controls, which they can use to participate experientially, guiding the actors and playing a decisive part in the plot of the show.

Using their 3D glasses, both youngsters and adults embark on an exciting journey that is at the same time fun and educational. This modern activity of fun learning offers the visitors of the city an entertaining tour in the Greek history and culture.

The screenings are hosted in the Greek Film Archive Foundation building in Gazi.

Kerameikos (Blue Line)
Wednesday & Sunday: 17.30
€12 (3D shows), €10 (2D shows)
1 hour 20 minutes