Corinth History & Wine Tour
Corinth History & Wine Tour

Corinth History & Wine Tour

A luxury bus will take you from Athens to the impressive Corinth Canal, where you will make a short stop. From there you will go to the site of ancient Corinth, one of the most powerful city-states that stood between Athens and Sparta. This is also a place of importance for Christian religion, because Saint Paul established here a thriving church and sent two epistles to its citizens.

The second part of the tour will take you to Nemea. This is one of the most traditional wine making regions in Greece, since its inhabitants have been producing fine blends from the Neolithic Age (around 4000 BC) until today. Here you will visit one of its well established and state of the art local facilities. Your guide will inform you about the production process of high quality red wine. Next you will enter the impressive underground cellars, where more than 1,000 French oak barriques are stacked. At the end of the tour you will get to sample some of the best wines.

Daily on request
€85/adults, €48/children
Visa, MasterCard
Open all year round