JOIN Juice Bars
JOIN Juice Bars
JOIN Juice Bars
JOIN Juice Bars
JOIN Juice Bars

Are you looking for something different and fresh? Something that will make the urban landscape seem more cheerful, fun and colourful? This need is behind the creation of JOIN juice bars in Romvis pedestrian street, in the heart of Athens. A vibrant movement that promotes those who seek out a better life and supports people that are full of energy and thirsty for action! It is the perfect hangout for all of you that are thirsty for life!

The concept of JOIN juice bars adds colour and freshness in the modern urban landscape and actively supports a different lifestyle, healthier and happier. In their fun and friendly environment you will #JOIN the most dynamic team of the city, the super-duper juicers who serve positive energy and smiles, along with sophisticated juices and snacks.

This self-service juice bar is the ideal spot for all those who seek out unique juices, need to charge with positive energy or hang out with friends in a vivid and cheerful environment. From a wide range of delightful suggestions those that stand out are the freshly squeezed juices that are prepared on the spot and come in amazingly tasteful combinations, the delectable smoothies, the salads, the sandwiches, as well as the one of a kind energy bowls.



Monastiraki Stop
Monastiraki (Blue Line)
Open all year round
Daily: 08.00-22.00
From €2.60 (juice), from €3.80 (smoothies), from €3.50 (energy bowls)