Κ for Kiku
Κ for Kiku
Κ for Kiku
Κ for Kiku
Κ for Kiku

In the heart of Psychiko, K for Kiku is highly eye-catching. Its imposing decoration features black and purple with interesting pop touches highlighting the new identity.

The wooden bar dominates the entrance, while moving further inside the open sushi bar draws your attention. The elegant lighting highlights the wooden interior and the colourful details, creating a funkier atmosphere consistent with the restaurant’s playful character.

East and Latin America “rendezvous” in K for Kiku’s kitchen in Psychiko. Two completely different cultures, the Japanese and the Peruvian cuisine met in the 19th century and spawned the Nikkei cuisine, a unique fusion of ingredients and techniques, loved in every part of the globe. K for Kiku in Psychiko, the little “brother” of Kiku, this year differentiates itself from the other restaurants of the group, adopting this specific culinary identity and changing its character.

The marriage of these two cultures created a cuisine with common elements. The Japanese techniques dominated the Peruvian ones, while the Peruvian raw ingredients prevailed over the Japanese. Dishes with striking colours are placed in the middle of the table giving the signal for the "battle" of chopsticks and the beginning of an enjoyable dinner. Strong flavours, worthy representatives of this cuisine alternate and intrigue the senses.

The selective raw materials star and are treated with simple techniques that reveal the rich flavours of the unique Peruvian ingredients, such as pepper and potato varieties coming from the Latin American country. The healthy and light Nikkei cuisine is clearly simpler than the Japanese one, but the menu doesn’t lack some more special dishes with sophisticated techniques.

In the bar area, sake and pisco dominate, as well as the cocktails based on traditional Japanese and Peruvian drinks. Wines come from the Greek and French vineyards, while it also features premium spirits.

Open all year round
Monday- Saturday: 20.00- 01.00