Ermou Spirits Cava Pittaras
Ermou Spirits Cava Pittaras
Ermou Spirits Cava Pittaras
Ermou Spirits Cava Pittaras
Ermou Spirits Cava Pittaras

Ermou Spirits Cava Pittaras

On Ermou street you can find a liquor store that remains open for the most part of each and every day until late. The fourth member of the Cava Pittaras family is housed in a sublime neoclassical building on Ermou street. It is based on the same philosophy as the other stores of the chain as well as a large variety of spirits. But it has gone one step beyond mainly through offering wine tasting sessions.

Just one visit to Ermou Spirits Cava Pittaras will be enough to make you see that here you can find all you need regarding Greek wine and more. It focuses on extracts from the Greek vineyard, offers a wide range of wines and sparkling wines including more than 200 labels, more than 70 options in imported beers and local beers from microbreweries, Greek and imported spirits, as well as premium suggestions in rum, whisky, gin and champagne.

Food tastings and presentations of wines and other spirits are conducted around the imposing convent table on the mezzanine floor. During them you will sit among champagne bottles from 1990, as well as whisky, rum and bourbon bottles. From time to time you will be able to enjoy a premium quality cigar from the store’s humidor.

In its premises you will also find dry nuts, juices, refreshments, frozen fruit purees and anything you may need to enjoy a drink at home, as well as beautiful gift packages.

Monastiraki Stop
Monastiraki (Blue Line)
Open all year round
Sunday-Thursday: 10.00-03.00, Friday-Saturday: 10.00-05.00
American Express, Diners, MasterCard, Visa

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