Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras

The experienced team of Hama and Tokyo Joe was inspired by the spectacular traditional carnival of New Orleans for naming its new restaurant on Esperidon Square in Glyfada, and for its general philosophy. Mardi Gras is an all-day comfort Bar & Eatery place, a cosy and relaxing hangout, deeply influenced by the dominant culture and cool identity of the legendary metropolis of Louisiana.

Its large wooden bar is, of course, the reference point of Mardi Gras, behind which stands as the head bartender the acclaimed Alexandros Previstas (Bardot, A For Athens, Dos Agaves), who has put together an original interactive cocktail list. The list is a combination of classic cocktails and some variations, while the signature cocktails have a vibe of New Orleans. In the same bar, "key person" is also the excellent Greek bartender Nikos Zissis (Dos Agaves, Think+).

Mardi Gras’ kitchen project is dedicated and committed to the multicultural neighbourhood and blends with the multifaceted culinary profile of Glyfada. The restless executive chef Giannis Markadakis and his team, the experienced Nikos Sotiropoulos and Nikos Koukouvas, sign a new American all day-comfort food concept that emphasizes traditional American cuisine, which is rooted in Creole and Cajun cuisine, offering in this way the images and experiences from their travels to places where food is more than just food.

The menu is designed in 3 phases: morning zone and strong brunch until 18:30 each Saturday and Sunday, with empanadas, dirty rice and dumplings, among others. The evening zone highlights the juicy American steaks and fish en papilote and finally, the bar menu (mini tacos / quesadillas). The use of excellent raw ingredients and modern cooking techniques is centre stage. In the kitchen of Mardi Gras, the Josper oven (charcoal) and the vacuum cooking appliances (sous vide) dominate. For those who yearn Latin American flavours and want to taste authentic po boy sandwiches and tacos, Mardi Gras is the place to be.

Coffee at Mardi Gras is served from early in the morning, bearing a unique signature, the stamp of Bridge Coffee Roasters. Here, special attention is given to filter coffee and the brewing process, which is one of the major trends in the coffee business. The list contains, among others, a single-variety blend that changes at regular intervals. Coffee lovers can taste coffee with different characteristics, depending on the process of extraction and their preferences. Of course, the coffee experience of Mardi Gras does not lack the up-and-coming, frozen version of filter coffee (cold brewing), which arrives in the glass after a 6 hours’ extraction process. For the even more demanding, the list features imaginative combinations of coffee with alcohol and detox beverages.

Esperidon Square
Open all year round
Monday- Friday: lunch menu: 09.30-18.30, Monday- Saturday: dinner menu: 20.00-00.30, Saturday- Sunday: brunch menu: 11.00-18.30, Monday- Sunday: bar menu: 18.30-00.30