Mavro Provato Melissia

Mavro Provato Melissia

Four years ago, when Evdoxia Pantou and Nikos Krassas opened "Mavro Provato tou Press Cafe" in Pagrati (31, Arrianou Street), they had in mind a few basic values: Greek creative cuisine absolutely faithful to the Greek exceptional raw ingredients, insistence on quality, honesty and sensitivity to the economic crisis; a place where one could enjoy good food, with honest quality-price relationship.

"Mavro Provato tou Press Cafe" in Melissia keeps all these elements, which the regulars appreciated in the one in Pagrati. "Mavro Provato" in Melissia combines ideally the abstract simplicity that provides comfort with the necessary attractive warmth of wood and other details required to enjoy your meal in a warm environment, like the one you dream of, with your good friends.

In a place with a cosy, intimate and unpretentious environment, with people who truly care for your best entertainment, the protagonist is none other than the Greek creative cuisine, which remains absolutely true to Greek exceptional raw ingredients and our favourite traditional dishes with small touches.  

From the menu, besides the classic ones such as the liver, chounkiar begienti, the fresh salads and the grilled dishes, those that also stand out include the black-eyed beans with spring onions, peppers, vinaigrette and olive oil sauce and fresh oregano, nests with kantaifi, metsovone cheese, eggplant, walnut and tomato jam, lahmacun with galeni and arugula, graviera cheese saganaki with honey and black onion seed finished with ouzo, grilled talagani in pitta bread with tomato and watermelon jam, spetzofai, chicken kebab on pitta bread, marinated tomato, onion and yogurt sauce, tsouchti (linguini with grilled mizithra cheese and egg), kleftiko (pork with feta cheese, herbs and peppers in parchment paper), beef tenderloin marinated with orange and molasses, small dakos with marinated anchovies, cherry tomatoes and capers, potato salad with smoked ciro, spring onions, red and green peppers, mustard seeds and dill, salmon marinated with yoghurt sauce, capers and gherkins.

Round off your meal with ekmek with yoghurt mousse and sweet pear and iced soufflé with bergamot flavoured with cognac. Accompany your dishes with selected Greek labels that stand out!

Open all year round
Daily: 13.00- 01.00
From €15- 20/person
American Express, Diners, MasterCard, Visa

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