MoMix– Molecular Mixology Bar
MoMix– Molecular Mixology Bar
MoMix– Molecular Mixology Bar
MoMix– Molecular Mixology Bar
MoMix– Molecular Mixology Bar

The first bar in Athens to use the innovative molecular techniques of bartending, offering unique visual and taste delights in cocktails. MoMix innovates the cocktail making methods by combining chemistry and the mixologists' imagination behind the bar, to enhance the experience of enjoying a truly well-made drink.

MoMix is located in Kerameikos, just outside the bustling Gazi neighbourhood, but close to Kerameikos metro station. It is housed in an industrial design venue, with pieces of wood and metal as well as artful touches complementing the simplicity and adding to the relaxed atmosphere.

Its interior is elegant, while the urban and filled with trees courtyard is ideal for the hot summer days. Nevertheless, the one thing that definitely stands out here is the molecular cocktails which are served in spoons, plates or anywhere else you can imagine. The mixologists of MoMix prepare the cocktails with natural compounds and serve them in peculiar shapes, like a sphere, jelly or ice cream, using their innate creativity to produce different blends.

Of course, the catalogue has all the classic cocktails which are masterly made, but it is truly worth it to try at least one of the molecular proposals.

Another innovation by MoMix is the creation of a chatbot for its Facebook page messenger in collaboration with the Mindnodes Company. So, if you need help with your order, for example, all you have to do is type your request on its Facebook messenger and you will receive an automated reply.

MoMix also has a bar in Fira, Santorini.

Open all year round
Daily: 20.00-03.30
€7,5-12 (cocktail), €7 (spirits)
American Express, MasterCard, Visa