Kaisariani Monastery
Kaisariani Monastery

Built at an altitude of 350 metres in a lush green forest, Kaisariani Monastery in Kaisariani is one of the most important medieval Christian monuments. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the main temple was alleged to have been built in the 11th or early 12th century on the foundations of an early Christian church.

The narthex of the church was created later during the Ottoman rule, along with the chapel of Saint Anthony, located in the southern part of the church. The murals on the interior walls are based on a Cretan and Mount Athos painting.

There are more than one versions regarding the name for the church. Some say that it came from the abbot Kaisarios, the alleged founder, others claim that it was given because of the icon of the Virgin of Kaisaria, while a fair number says that the inspiration came from Caesar after the renovation of the church during the Byzantine period.

The monastery has an interesting library with a wealth of written material and it used to be a cradle of philosophy.

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