One day excursion to Delphi

One day excursion to Delphi

If you love history and art, organize a one day excursion to Delphi, regarded as the center of the world. Just 187 km from Athens, Delphi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an excellent choice for a one day excursion, especially for history and art lovers.

Delphi was regarded as the center of the world and according to mythology two eagles sent by Zeus from the ends of the universe to find the navel of the world met there. For centuries, Delphi was a spiritual and religious center, as well as the symbol of unity of the ancient Hellenic world.

Nowadays it is a modern town, with important monuments harmoniously connecting the past with the present. You will see the Temple of Apollo, the Siphnian Treasure, and the Stoa of the Athenians and many other amazing ruins as well as a modern museum at the archaeological site.

Arachova, a famous winter resort, is just a short distnce away.

From €91 per person