Museum of Greek Gastronomy
Museum of Greek Gastronomy
Museum of Greek Gastronomy
Museum of Greek Gastronomy
Museum of Greek Gastronomy

The existence of the first Museum of Greek Gastronomy is a fact, since it opened in June 2014 in Athens. More specifically, in a gorgeous and very well looked after 1890 neoclassical building, on Agiou Dimitriou street, in Psiri, you will find the new cultural multiplex that you should definitely make plans to visit.

The purpose behind its creation was to give prominence to Greek history and culture with a keen eye for gastronomy. Local dishes, traditions and food habits from different places of Greece are presented in such a way as to offer museum visitors a complete culinary experience. You tour includes monitoring of every stage of the course of Greek food, from production to marketing and then to the Greek table, as well as participation and tasting of various traditional dishes. The exhibitions are temporary and are updated according to their theme.

Apart from the exhibition, during the tour in this impressive neoclassical building housing the Museum of Greek Gastronomy you will admire the marvellous ceiling paintings that remain intact. Its pluses include the education activities regarding nutrition, health and wellbeing, both for adults and children, in experiential and interactive way.

In the museum (on the second floor) there is a restaurant (booking is essential) that honours Greek cuisine, providing a modern twist. In case you decide to visit the museum in the morning, you should not miss the chance to enjoy a coffee at the romantic cafe in the courtyard (during summer). Finally, on the second floor you will find a museum shop from where you can buy Greek goodies as well as interesting books.

Monastiraki (Blue Line)
Open all year round
Tuesday: 11.00-18.00, Wednesday-Sunday: 11.00-23.00
Free entrance