Mucca (Nea Eryhtraia)
Mucca (Nea Eryhtraia)
Mucca (Nea Eryhtraia)
Mucca (Nea Eryhtraia)
Mucca (Nea Eryhtraia)

At Mucca, in the centre of Nea Erythraia, authentic Italian ice cream (gelato artigianale in Italian) is made on the premises, offering a unique experience. In this authentic gelateria -one of the very few in Athens- you will find 40 different flavours, classic and original ones, which change often depending on the season and the ingredients available.

Gelato artigianale is made excursively with fresh milk and fruit, without added powders or artificial flavours, and it stands out for the creamy texture. As it melts in your mouth and you can instantly taste the natural aromas and the superb flavours.

The dark chocolate (with authentic dark chocolate), vanilla (with Madagascarian vanilla), mango, nocciatela hazelnut flavours, etc., are best sellers. The ice cream is served in a handmade cone, cup or a biscuit nest (also handmade) for those who choose to enjoy it at one of the tables in the lovely interior form where you can watch people passing by.

At Mucca there is also authentic Italian espresso or cappuccino, various brioche as well as mouth-watering crepes and waffles.

Open all year round
Sunday- Thursday: 08.00-02.00, Friday- Saturday: 08.00-03.00
€2/cone with one scoop, €4/cone with two scoops, €6/cone with three scoops