Mystic Pizza Exarchia
Mystic Pizza Exarchia

If Mystic Pizza in Exarchia is famous for something, this is none other than its nationwide originality of making and serving pizzas from organic hemp flour! It is an innovation of its owner, who has managed to combine the unique concept of its store with healthy eating and make it popular since 2002. 

Every pizza dough is made with organic hemp flour or spelt flour (gluten-free), while selected quality raw ingredients, like organic olive oil, sea salt, etc, are also used. The must-try proposals include the Mystic Apaki (with cheese, apaki, fresh tomato, fresh mushrooms, onion, hot pepper) and the Jamaica (with cheese, tomato, chicken with rum, onion, green pepper, hot pepper). Among the options for vegetarians and vegan, those that stand out include the Bloody Mary (cheese, tomato sauce with vodka, mushrooms, olives, peppers, tabasco) and the Mystic Avocado (cheese, fresh mushrooms, onion, fresh tomato, avocado with lemon drops, chili, fresh onion, arugula).

The menu, besides its famous pizza, also features fresh handmade pasta, lahmacun, peinirli (all made with organic hemp flour), salads and appetizers as well as tasty vegan proposals.

Another interesting fact is that all of its desserts –chocolate pie, cheesecake, panacotta, etc., are made with stevia as well.

Omonoia (Red Line)
Open all year round
Daily: 13.00-01.00
From €12-16/person (glass of wine included)