Temple of Poseidon
Temple of Poseidon
Temple of Poseidon

The Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion is one of the most significant sanctuaries in Attica and proves that the ancient Athenians knew where to build their temples.

Its location, at the south-eastern edge of Cape Sounion, affords a panoramic view to the Saronic Gulf that will impress you. It stands about 70 km from the centre of Athens and, if you like history and nature, you should definitely visit it.

At the archaeological site of Sounion nowadays there is the fortress with the Temple of Poseidon and the settlement. In the walled site there are the propylea and the arcades and, at a higher point, at the edge of the cape the marble Doric temple of Poseidon. The temple was built in mid 5th century BC at the southernmost and highest point of the cape and two pilasters are preserved until today on the east side, as well as some of the columns of the east part of the temple, while the west part has been fully destroyed. At this site you may also admire the big Ionic Temple of Athena, as well as the small Doric one.

Daily: 09.30-sunset
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