Odori Vermuteria Di Atene
Odori Vermuteria Di Atene
Odori Vermuteria Di Atene
Odori Vermuteria Di Atene
Odori Vermuteria Di Atene

Its name reveals its identity, since this is the first vermouth bar in Greece. Of course we are referring to Odori Vermuteria di Atene, which is located at Agion Theodoron square, right in the heart of Athens. A visit here will leave you with the best impression. Its interior will remind you the Italian vermouth bars (or rather a contemporary version of them), which were first established in Turin.

You can always pick one of the cozy tables outside the establishment on 2, Skouleniou street for your meal or to have drink and a chat. The impressive bar is the absolute protagonist inside and “allures” all those seeking to satisfy their Italian tastes. The largely successful and very talented Nine Design company is responsible for the enchanting, albeit surreal design, featuring lush gardens on the walls and chandeliers hanging like birds from the ceiling.

The two main elements of the heart stealing menu are vermouth and pizza. Manolis Lykiardopoulos, ranked 5th in the World Class Bartender of the Year 2015 competition, and his team consider vermouth as their top choice for a cocktail base and they will try to initiate you into its taste. Its catalogue can be considered as a “guide to love vermouth”. It is comprised of aperitivo cocktails that work as appetizers, three worth sampling versions of the negroni cocktail, unusual variations of classic cocktails –Dry Martini, Manhattan, Martinez– and many more inspired proposals. But this doesn’t mean that you will not be able to enjoy your favorite drink. Instead, here you will have the opportunity to create your own negroni, using your favorite spirit –rum, tequila, gin, bourbon– as base.

Odori’s innovative cocktail list deservedly ranks among the best in the city. It’s called “We’ll always have Athens”, since it draws inspiration from Athens’ neighbourhoods, and includes 15 unique suggestions that bring to mind memories that no one wants to forget. 

The wine list –supervised by Elias Georgopoulos– is very meticulous and includes selected brands from the Greek and the international vineyards. The element that binds those selections together is the fact that they all come from Italian grapes.

Now it’s time to talk about the pizza. It’s considered one of the best in town, as it is baked in a firewood oven from Naples and praises the famous pizza napoletana. You don’t need to know anything else to be convinced to sample it –you should order the one with the prosciutto (San Marzano, mozzarella, prosciutto crudo, cherry tomatoes, rocket) and the one with the streaky (pork streaky, peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella).

Of course the menu –largely comprised by Alberto Similidis– includes more suggestions, like bruschetta, salads, pasta (the oven lasagna with beef ragu are a best seller plate) and deserts (tiramisu panettone is our favourite).

Every Sunday, authentic Italian brunch is served, which literally makes a splash. A separate menu is available until 18.00, which include interesting suggestions such as sweet potato pancakes, pizza “racket” (with prosciutto cotto, salami picante, parmesan cream, ricotta, mozzarella, bechamel, fried egg and chives), burger or salmon croissant etc.

Panepistimio (Red Line)
Open all year round
Sunday- Thursday: 09.00-02.00, kitchen: 11.00-00.00, Friday- Saturday: 09.00-04.00, kitchen: 11.00-00.30
From €7.50-8 (pizza), €6.50-7 (pasta), from €7 (drink), from €7-12 (cocktail)
MasterCard, Visa