Mystical Delphi
Mystical Delphi

Mystical Delphi

This one day bus trip will take you from Athens to Delphi, where you will get a very informative tour by a professional guide. On the way to your destination, you will pass by the historical city of Theva, which was once ruled by the infamous king Oedipus, and stop briefly at Levadia, the capital city of Boeotia district.

Once you arrive at Delphi, you will pass by Castalia Spring, where all the pilgrims to Delphi and the contestants in the Pythian Games stopped to cleanse themselves and quench their thirst. From there you will head to the impressive archaeological site. Among the most important monuments you will have the opportunity to see up close are the Athenian Treasure, the Stoa of the Athenians, the Polygonal Wall, the Tholos, the theater, the monument of the Argive Kings and a monument built to commemorate the victory of the Greeks against the Persians in the battle of Platea, in 479 BC. The centerpiece here is the Temple of Apollo which housed the oracle of Pythia.

Next you will enter the stunning Delphi museum, where you will admire impressive exhibits, such as the frieze of the Sifnian Treasury, the Naxian Sphinx, the statue of Antinoos and of course the world famous bronze Charioteer.

After lunch, you will make your way back to Athens via the scenic mountain village of Arachova.

Daily: 08.30
€95/adults, €48/children
Visa, MasterCard
Open all year round