Peek A Bloom
Peek A Bloom

A stone’s throw from the bustling Syntagma, Peek A Bloom (paraphrase of the English hide and seek game called "peek a boo") invites us to find a "hidden flower" in a small alley impasse on Lekka Street.

This is the second project of the threesome from the well-known Mind The Cup in Peristeri (Christos Kavrakos, Nikos Geranakis and Panagiotis Aggelakopoulos) and has the same vision that accompanies them from their first steps, that is to offer quality products and real services through specialization, endless worries, continuous evolution and experimentation.

Evolving further the original philosophy of Mind The Cup, Peek A Bloom features a separate workshop-roastery, a distinct espresso bar and a stand-alone bar, in order to combine all these functions in a way that will make them unique -and therefore of high quality- in a "multi-venue".

Here, you will savour unique coffees from experienced and jolly baristi, watching at the same time all the preparation stages, as even the roasting of green grains is done while you are enjoying your espresso.

You will also find unique signature cocktails based on absinthe, as well as a few dishes with simple ingredients and pure flavours, which you can enjoy in a true urban environment, ideal for relaxation or work away from the noise.

Its kitchen focuses on healthy food and, in the future, it will be enriched according to the season and with genuine ingredients from the mountainous Arcadia, gathered from the mountains or the garden.

Syntagma (Blue Line)
Open all year round
Monday-Friday: 08.00-02.00, Saturday: 09.00-04.00, Sunday: 10.00-02.00
€3.50 (freddo cappuccino), €7 (spirits), from €9 (cocktails), from €5/person (food)