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Walk to Plaka
Walk to Plaka

Explore the most beautiful area of Athens with the Walk to Plaka organized by the School Life and Education Museum and learn interesting facts about the area that few know.

Walk on Tripodon Street, the oldest street in the world, see the monument of Lysicrates and its history, discover what the theatre meant to the ancient Athenians, and take a walk in the beautiful and picturesque Anafiotika

Alternatively, you can walk to Mitropolis Square and the small chapel next to it, called Agios Eleftherios or Panagia Gorgoepikoos, and explore the relationship of this church with Eileithyia, the daughter of Ira and patroness of childbirth, who helped Leto give birth to Apollo and Artemis. Here, you will also find out the strange tales that are hidden in the church’s walls! Also, walking to Monastiraki will give you the opportunity to learn a great deal about the "tziertzidika", the bazaar, and the Monastery that gave its name to the region.

The Arch of Hadrian, the Roman Baths, Zappeion, the Roman Agora, the Library of Hadrian are some of the attractions that will surely pique your interest, making you discover what it is that charmed the Romans and led them to create such remarkable monuments that are fascinating even today.

Acropolis (Red Line)
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